E3 Empowers!

E3 Empowers! Is a social impact project by the E3Capital Group.
The objective is to assist and empower great business ideas and entrepreneurs where E3 is actively operating in. E3 wants to empower youth-entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs communities, thereby maximising their potential that will enable them to become change catalysts – social and economic in their respective economies.
E3 envisions ENTREPRENEURSHIP as the catalyst for change to create economic sustainability and social impact by:
Building economic resiliency by providing access to business creation, business incubation services, market access and funding access.
Ensuring inclusiveness and equitable quality of entrepreneurship education and continuing education opportunities on entrepreneurship, management and leadership
Empower more women entrepreneurs by providing entrepreneurship support to women entrepreneurs
Empower the financially challenge entrepreneurs - youth, women, single parents and nttom of the pyramid entrepreneurs – to grow their businesses and be active contributors to the country’s economic growth through entrepreneurship
Creating more employment opportunities for job-seekers by creating more entrepreneurs.
E3 Empowers Fulfills 9 UN
Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)
E3 Mission.

Our Commitment to our Mission.

E3 endeavours to bring entrepreneurship to the mainstream. We are committed to empowering startup entrepreneurs and giving them the help, resources, network and leverages they need to reach their business potential and be successful in their businesses. Entrepreneurs that meet the minimum requirements of this Program will be offered USD$25,000 worth of E3 Entrepreneurship Development services.

Our Goals.

1,000,000 entrepreneurs
(By 2025)
5,000,000 entrepreneurs
(3-5 years)
10,000,000 entrepreneurs
(10-25 years)

E3 Empowers! - Who Do We Want to Empower.

Women Entrepreneurs
Youth Entrepreneurs
Single Parents
Lower Middle Income
Social Enterprise


  • First time in business
  • New or less than 2 years in business
  • Women, youth, single parents, lower-middle income and below, social entrepreneurs
  • Recommendation from social impact partners and Empower partners
  • Tier 0 with ARR between 0 – 100,000
  • Coachable and willing to follow instructions
  • Cooperate with E3 data gathering activities for 5 years
  • Exit from E3 Empowers Program – Certified Tier 1 (achieving ARR > 100,000 for a period of up to 2 years)

What We Will Provide

E3 will provide E3’s signature Entrepreneur Development and Incubation Services worth more than USD$25,000.
Entrepreneur incubation from Tier 0 to Tier 1
  • Access to business resources and linkages – business support, market access and funding access
  • Access to E3 mentoring and coaching
Empowers Membership
  • 1 year membership with optional renewal for another year (subject to annual review)
  • Empowers membership expires when entrepreneur successfully move from Tier 0 to Tier 1.
  • Upon expiry of Empowers membership, entrepreneur will subscribed to Effectuator Membership at RM399/year.
Access to E3 Insitute
  • Make available free entrepreneurship education to university students to inculcate entrepreneurship mindset and skillsets for employment and entrepreneurship pathways.
  • Make available E3 Insitute courses to new entrepreneurs and lifelong learning opportunities on entrepreneurship, management and leadership.
Access to the E3 platform of the Global Entrepreneurs Acceleration Network (GEA-N) on e3hubs.com
Access to venture development and digital tools provided by E3 partners – website, email marketing engine, landing pages, POS system, E3 marketplace.