About Us

E3 is an entrepreneurship innovation company, specializing in fostering innovation nurturing entrepreneurs, business incubation and growth scaling entrepreneur ventures. E3’s mission is to create success pathways for entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive support, mentorship, coaching, training and resources – business support, market access and funding access throughout every stage of their journey. From early-stage development and incubation to strategic growth scaling, we offer tailored programs and strategic guidance to propel promising startups and entrepreneurs toward sustainable successes.

Our greatest asset lies in our expansive Big Blue Ocean Economic Ecosystem Network, called the Global Entrepreneurs Acceleration Network , a robust economic ecosystem network designed to foster innovation and support entrepreneurs at every turn of their entrepreneurship journey from business support, market access and funding access.

Central to our approach is the strategic alignment of our business units with the diverse needs of our entrepreneurial community. From events/exhibitions, coaching, entrepreneurship education, market opening and incubation to hotels, clubhouses, public relations services, funding, and financial services, each of our specialized units is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of startups and entrepreneurs.

By wrapping our services around the needs of our entrepreneurs, we ensure that they have access to the resources and support necessary to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.
Our Vision
To create 10,000,000 successful entrepreneurs.
Our Mission
To create success pathways for entrepreneurs.
Our Core Value.
Cooperation and Collaboration
We encourage entrepreneurs to cooperate and collaborate with one another.
Creative and Innovative
We encourage entrepreneurs to learn to be creative and innovative.
Effectual Thinkers
We practice Effectual Thinking as our Entrepreneurship Philosophy.
We are Master of our own Destinies
To predict the future, we must control the future. To control the future, we must create the future.
Entrepreneurs Empower
Entrepreneurs must support entrepreneurs for us to grow, sustain and be successful.

What We Do Differently.

E3 is created by entrepreneurs with years of entrepreneurial experience and supported by entrepreneurs nurtured through our programs since 2005. Now, they are giving back to the community - as mentors. The founder has nurtured more than 5000 entrepreneurs in his 16 years of business incubation.
Our incubation methodology is developed through 18 years of tried and tested success methods that gave us a 95% success rate in incubating entrepreneurs and startups.
We handhold every single entrepreneurs throughout their entrepreneurship journeys and challenges.
Our Global Network is active in over 30 countries around the world including China, Korea, Japan, Australia and United States for E3 entrepreneurs to leverage on.
Our Intimate knowledge of the industry and access to investors, partners, market and support will help all entrepreneurs under the E3 banner.
E3 will have first insight to great business ideas and will be the first to work on their disruptive business ideas.
E3 global presence allows E3 entrepreneurs to scale and be supported by the E3 Global Entrepreneurs Acceleration Network.

Our Focus.

Business Support
  • Entrepreneur Success Pathways Program
  • Business Mastermind CEO Roundtable
  • Access to Mentors/ Experts
  • Free/ Paid Training/ Workshops
  • Business Resources Library (templates, e-books etc)
  • Job Board
Market Access
  • Business Leads
  • E3Marketplace
  • New Markets
  • Business Matching
  • Partner Matching
  • Company Listing
  • Business/Media Exposure
  • Members Networking
Funding Access
  • E3 Investor Network
  • Project-based Crowdfunding
  • Investor Pitching


Andrew Wong

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer E3Capital Sdn Bhd

Calvin Quah

Executive Director, Group Chief Operating Officer

Michael Yeoh

Executive Director / Group Chief Financial Officer

Jack Tan

Group Managing Director

Alex Teoh

Business Development Director

Hon Ai Foong

Operations Director

Finn Chow

Digital Marketing Automation Director

Jowari Mokhtar

Digital Media Director

Bill Low

Chief Technology Officer

Chan Aik Hoong

Marketing Director

Raymund Xavier

Global Trade Compliance Director

Our Partners.

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