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The E3Hubs Story

E3 stands for “Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs”. E3Hubs was formed Andrew Wong and Calvin Quah, with the support from groups of seasoned entrepreneurs who believe that by bringing entrepreneurs together, we will be able to support each other, cooperate and create opportunities together. The co-founders and their friends, brings together more than 50 years of entrepreneurial experiences in various industries. Andrew has worked with more than 4000+ entrepreneurs and innovators over the last 14 years in business incubation. His extensive network brings him connected to more than 20 countries across continents and puts him in good stead to help entrepreneurs excel and expand their businesses.


“We believe that when entrepreneurs get together, they support, cajole and empower each other to excel and succeed. That is the core value of E3 Entrepreneurs Hub. We leave no entrepreneurs behind.”

Our Ecosystem


Our vision to have at least 500,000 members in our ecosystem who will be able to support and empower one another.


Access to mentors is now seamless as ever in E3Hubs Ecosystem. You can now have direct access to speak or chat to whoever you want in E3Hubs mentor database.


E3Hubs allows you to have direct access to corporations for corporate partnerships or corporate buyers.


E3Hubs helps you to have access to its network of universities to enable you to obtain talent and conduct R&D partnerships


One of the salient features in E3Hubs is a direct access to investors – angels & venture capitals.

What Our Entrepreneurs Say About Us


Research has found that companies that follow startup thought leaders are 80% more likely to raise money and be successful.

Almost all companies that raised money and became sustainable had helpful mentors and those without them mostly failed. The most successful companies follow a 6-step process to grow their business ideas into viable and scalable startup ventures.

Join our LEAP Program. Accelerate and get started on your startup journey in 90 days!

The Leap Program

From idea to launch in 90 days

Step 1

Ideas Validation

“Is my Idea a Business? Is it market and financially feasible? Do I have the resources to pursue it? Do I want to pursue it?”


Step 2

Market Validation

“Is there a market? Who are my customers? What do they want to buy? How much will they pay? Where can I find them?”




Step 3

Customer Targeting, Product/Service Offering & Value Proposition





Step 4

Business Model Design

“Is the business model profitable and scalable?”








Step 5

The Business Growth Strategy “What is my BHAG and my Core Purpose? What is my X-Factor? What is the business economic engine? What is my 1-year, 3-5 years and my 10-year goal?”


Step 6

Cashflow Projection

“How much money do I need to make it work? Can I bootstrap? When will I run out of money? How much shall we request for funding?”