Success Story

Enja Manie @ Aisyah Aqilah

Quality Confinement Home

Mr Andrew guide me since my business start 2017, as a new company bring in new service in kk market, we struggle with the financial and also marketing on how to educate our customer. Postnatal care centre is very new business in kk on that time so very hard ti get customer.

On 1st 6 month early, we only get 1 customer. With guidance from Mr Andrew, he guide us on how to create customers awareness, collaboration partner, how to do business without using own money, and how to use customer word of mouth. Most important is never give up on the business. Now we manage to growth bigger and now we have 6 branch total in sabah.

With E3, we get more bigger networking and outside kk collaboration or proposal. We learn a lots on business financial and growth strategy also. Plus E3 is a great platform to gain new idea a.k.a new business innovation. Thank you Mr Andrew and E3.