Success Story

Marvin Yee Koon Fai


Discovering E3 through one of their networking events was a game-changer for me. Their commitment to entrepreneurs' growth and upscaling aligns perfectly with my belief in 'paying it forward.' Having faced the challenges of starting my own venture, I empathize with fellow entrepreneurs, and E3 which stands for 'Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs' resonated deeply.

Engaging with E3's programs, particularly under the guidance of Professor Andrew Wong, has been transformative. The entrepreneurship development program provided not just knowledge but a comprehensive understanding of my business. I now possess the tools and mindset needed to implement strategic goals effectively. E3 has not only equipped me with valuable skills but has also fostered a community where entrepreneurs support each other.

I am grateful for the clarity and direction E3 has brought to my entrepreneurial journey. Their dedication to empowering and uplifting entrepreneurs has undoubtedly propelled me toward success. Thank you, E3, for being the catalyst in my entrepreneurial evolution.