Search engine optimization is vital in Malaysia because most websites contain multilingual content. Google may be intelligent enough to recognize keywords translated in other languages.

However, Malaysian companies know how to rank your website better with SEO for English keywords and use Malay keywords where appropriate. You need to select the right company to help you out with your content if you have a multilingual website.

The problem, however, is that there are so many SEO companies in Malaysia. While reading reviews can help, it is better to select your company based on the SEO services they offer, and you require.

An easy option for digital marketing agencies would be to partner with organisations that outsource ready-made SEO packages.

These White Label SEO services are useful for agencies that want to deliver high quality organic SEO services under their own brand name.

Here are some services you should look out for while looking for your SEO expert:

1. Website analysis

The company should be able to conduct efficient website analysis and accordingly come up with a plan that will attract maximum traffic and potential clients to your website.

Their review is conducted based on various factors like:

  • Website content

The website should contain relevant content containing the right optimized keywords.

  • Linking structure

The website should have enough and not too many internal and external links.

Internal links

These are links made within your website, between different web pages. 

External links

These are links to your website from other authority websites that are related to your product or services. 

  • Social media marketing and influence

Social media influence is your presence in social media networks. It has a significant influence on your website’s online visibility.

Their review provides them with essential data to create an optimized website that generates more leads and sales for your business.

2. On-page and off-page optimization

The SEO Company should ensure the optimization of your pages for the right keywords. On-page SEO focuses on improving your website’s search engine ranking and online visibility.

When it comes to off-page optimization, it generally refers to increasing the number of quality links your website receives. It helps bring more authority to your site and generates trust in your brand, website, and company.

3. Keyword research

Your chosen SEO Company should be able to conduct the right keyword research. Your company ends up with the words that people most commonly use while searching for your product or services.

They will then use these keywords in your content to help maintain your website ranking while maintaining your Malaysian connection. They should also know how to maintain an optimal keyword density to avoid your website from getting penalized for spam.

4. Local SEO

This is essential for marketing your Malaysian business locally. They will optimize your website using the right location-based keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website.

They will also promote products and services to local clients when they are most likely online. The company will also help create a personalized map listing to put your business on the map.

  • Google map listing

It’s a Google Map listing that highlights your website from the others in your local areas. It also shows potential customers where to find you and what you offer.

5. Social media marketing

Social media plays a significant part in improving a website’s online visibility. It’s a known fact that most of your customers are on social media. The company should be able to use these networks to make it easy for them to reach you, and vice versa.

They will do things like setting up your Facebook Business Page with your logo, company details, and relevant photos. They will also create targeted ads that appear in your customers’ Facebook News Feed like Facebook Messenger and Instagram and bring customers to you. They will, in short, make a strong and ongoing social media presence for you.

6. Retargeting

Selecting SEO companies that specialize in retargeting is a plus point for your business. These services create and place targeted ads in front of your top prospects.

7. Additional criteria to consider

  • Strategy development

You have to decide what you want your company to achieve through different SEO tactics and efforts. It could be to help generate more clicks to your website to improve your online visibility or to generate more qualified leads. The SEO Company implements and uses the right strategies to achieve all this based on what you decide.

  •  Money-back guarantee

Some companies are so confident of their efforts and work at improving your online visibility that they also offer a Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is where they promise to refund your money if the keywords they select and use do not give you a good ranking.

  • Price

Yes, this is the last and most important feature to check out and compare before selecting your Malaysian SEO company. There are SEO freelancers and companies offering packages ranging from a few hundred ringgits to a few thousand ringgits per month.

You will have to choose your company based on your budget and the services they offer. The experienced and more established companies may charge a bit higher. However, it’s worth hiring them for their experience and range of services provided.

  • Experience

Experience is important while selecting an SEO partner. It’s only the experienced and responsible consultants who ensure your website doesn’t end up getting banned by Google.

Google can and does ban sites with unacceptable SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, link spamming, or URL cloaking. Look for, and hire only companies that adopt Google permitted SEO tactics, and who follow Google SEO guidelines.


Though it may take time, the right research will help you select the right SEO Malaysia company to maximize your online visibility.