As an academy trainer from iPay88, a leading payment service provider company in Malaysia, Mohd Yusri encourages business owners to hop on to the evolving trend of payment system including e-wallet. Let’s hear from him why he says so.

Payment Solutions for All Kind of Businesses

According to Yusri, iPay88 offers payment solutions to all kind of businesses no matter it is startup or big companies. They cater to everything about payment in Malaysia.

For startups, many times they may not know what are the payment options available out there. Depending on their business nature, iPay88 offers the right payment method and solutions to their business. As a result, their sales increases and their business grows.

E-Wallet As A New Trend

In Yusri’s opinion, business owners need to hop on to the new trend of e-wallet. People usually think about credit card and online banking when they hear about e-payment, however e-payment is actually more than that. E-payment can bring a lot of benefit to marketing budget. As payment system will always evolve and we cannot stop that, we can only adapt and hop on to the new technology and trends.

E3 Hubs Helps Startups to Grow Further

As a speaker in BizStart Johor Bahru 2019, Yusri shared with the audience the other payment methods available and their features. When being asked about what he thinks about E3 Hubs and BizStart, he says that it is a good effort to grow business. He sees a lot of startups out there do not know where to refer to and how to nurture their business, and E3 Hubs comes into the picture to help startups growing further.

iPay88 Academy Provides E-Commerce Class

With the e-commerce classes in iPay88 Academy, they help startups that want to venture into e-commerce through showing them the steps they need to take before they start. Once they start selling online, they will be guided on what more they can do with their business. Interested individuals can explore at for more details.

Keep Learning and Do Not Give Up

Lastly, Yusri wishes to encourage the entrepreneurs out there:

“You just need to go there, learn more, don’t stop learning. Whenever you learn something, you know you can do better in your business. Just don’t give up in your business.”

If you want to understand how E3 Hubs can help you as an entrepreneur, kindly enquire here or sign up to be a member. E3 Hubs is working hard to create an ecosystem where the entrepreneurs can support each other with the right business support, market access and funding access. We look forward to run with you in the entrepreneurship journey ahead, with the support from our community.