Business owners and accountants have conflicts over delayed accounting reports. There is a lack of connectivity. Collection is very bad. All these slow down the decision making process. Let’s hear from Edwin Pang, Associate Partner of G&A Group the solution to all these challenges. 

Xero Cloud Accounting & GA Space, pride of G&A Group

G&A Group provides accounting, audit, taxation, and company secretarial services. Since 2017, they have acquired the cloud technology accounting software Xero and market it to business owners. They have achieved Gold Partner in Xero. Xero can be used anywhere as long as there is internet connection. The headquarter of G&A Group is in Kota Kinabalu, and they have branches which are co-working space at Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan and Labuan.

Xero Reduces Miscommunication & Conflict

Xero exists to solve some pain point of businesses. First of all, traditional way of doing accounting delays the process of generating report and doing audit on time, and as a result there will be penalty from government. This kind of conflict affects the relationship between the accountants and business owners. Both of them would blame each other, saying “You are the one delay giving the document” or “You are the one delaying all the reports”. To eliminate all these miscommunication and conflict, online software is the answer.

Accountant’s job may seem easy but in reality it is not. Whether or not the business grows, it depends on the time or data that the accountants process and give to business owners to make their decision no matter it is in investment, expansion etc. All of these decisions are based on management report.

Connectivity Enables Real Time Data to Make Crucial Decision

Another main point is connectivity. Traditionally when a business owner wants management account which is profit and loss and balance sheet reports from accountants, accountants will just make a call, whatsapp and request it from the accountants. This part lacks connectivity. With Xero cloud technology, business owners would have direct access to all these reports without requesting from accountants and they can make crucial decision straight away based on real time data.

Cloud Accounting Improves Collection

On top of that, in Malaysia the collection for business owners is very bad. By using cloud accounting, it helps business owners to efficiently improve collection from their customers.

Help The Community to Grow Together with E3 Hubs

In Edwin’s opinion, BizStart is a very good platform. He had the chance to speak to SME and startups about the importance of going online.

As for E3 Hubs, he has been working with Andrew and Calvin for quite some time, and he finds them fantastic. They are helping a lot of startups and SME without hesitating and they give out their all to the communities as well. And GA willingly collaborates with E3 Hubs to help the community in Malaysia to grow.


E3 Hubs is helping the entrepreneurs through business support, market access and funding access. We organize events from time to time to equip and benefit aspiring and current entrepreneurs, besides providing mentorship and guidance whenever necessary.

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