Do you need a place to test out your ideas? Let’s hear from Ir. Mohd Salehoddin Abd Hamid, Senior Vice President from Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) on the fantastic opportunity available to you.

Seeing The City Grows, with A Lot of Potential To Be Explored

Being in construction line for more than 17 years, Ir. Mohd Salehoddin joined IIB since 2008 when this whole area was still a palm estate. As a catalytic developer for Iskandar Malaysia, this is the place they accelerate the economic growth for this region, with interests owned by Federal, State and people. At the moment, its more than 2600 acres of infrastructure have been developed 100%, with EduCity that consists of more than 9 institutions. New industries have been created. Unlike other developers, their interest is in the whole Iskandar Malaysia, not just one place.

Listening to Grassroots, Focusing on Community

As a Smart City under development, IIB is open to ideas from the community. Community members can propose ideas to them, and they will listen and evaluate. Companies like Tryke is having their pilot project here, testing their concept before going out nationally. IIB welcomes more startups to test out their concept here, so that they (the startups) can convince their investors more easily in their expansion effort.

Since infrastructure is already in place, IIB now shifts into community building. They allow entrepreneurs to turn this into a sandbox, where they can try out ideas and have their pilot project. For IIB future development, they are willing to consider to select and implement ideas collected from the current community. This is the first in Malaysia where they work with local talent to co-develop the region. It is a grassroot initiative rather than a corporate-driven one. Programmes designed are based on demand rather than policies. They encourage more co-working spaces to be set up here, so that the local community can benefit from the synergy.

BizStart and E3 Hubs as a Platform to Develop Entrepreneurial Talent

Being able to empathize with the local entrepreneurs, Mr. Salehoddin appreciates the initiative from E3 Hubs for organizing BizStart JB, which was held on 20th July 2019 at Iskandar Space. He personally signed up for this, understanding that this event addresses the pain points entrepreneurs are facing. As IIB opens its doors to foreign partners and investors who want to set up businesses here, good talent especially entrepreneurial talent are in great demand, and there is where E3 Hubs can fill in the gap.

Know Your Options, Grab the Opportunities

Having been invited to talk in universities for many times, Mr. Salehoddin’s stand is

This is the best time to be an entrepreneur.”

With various support from government agencies available, it is a pity not to grab those opportunities. In this era of Forth Industrial Revolution, he encourages students to be entrepreneurs in order to create more jobs, when they still have no commitment. On another note, entrepreneurship culture should be spread. Although not everyone is suitable to be an entrepreneur, but with the exposure and knowledge they gain, they know the options available to them, and they can jump in when the time is right.

If you are interested to know more about what E3 Hubs can offer to you as an entrepreneur, kindly sign up to be a member here, or fill in the enquiry form. We look forward to support you in your entrepreneurship journey. Thank you.