We had an exploration trip around Desaru to get to know the few eco-tourism destinations in this area on 21st Jan 2020. This trip is sponsored by South East Johor Development Authority (KEJORA) for the travel agents and media representatives in conjunction with Visit Johor 2020 initiative. E3 Hubs Johor was honored to be there to visit one of the destinations namely Koref Desaru Leisure Farm and Ecogainer.

Koref Desaru Leisure Farm

Koref Desaru Leisure Farm (KDLF) is located at the centre of BIODESARU organic food valley which is North of Desaru tourist belt.  It is 90km away from the Senai International Airport and Johor Bahru.

KDLF has an area of 72 hectare (180 acre) and covered with tropical rainforest vegetation. It adopts the Principle of Permaculture (Permanent Culture) to operate in a sustainable way, through incorporating the local resources and recycle the nutrients generated in the farm to create sustainable environmental friendly living conditions.  It takes 4 years plus to turn the jungle into what it is now.

There are a lot of plantation here, including durian, 15 types of fruits, 20 types of organic vegetables, and 150 types of herbs. There are also livestock, aquaculture, swiftlet house, vermiculture, and apiculture. The farm is only open for walk-in visitors from March 2020 onwards, however there are many outdoor activities that can be conducted here, like farming, water sports, flying fox, boat rowing, eco water slide and nature education. Visitors can stay in the uniquely designed stone houses and tree houses here, which are well-equipped with facilities like water, electricity, and there is a big hall just nearby to conduct various functions.

For reservations and inquiries, kindly contact Mr. Tam at +6012-768 3149 / +6013-617 8811.

Vermicompost Production Site – Ecogainer

In one corner of Koref Desaru Leisure Farm, there is a vermicompost production site and micro-green green house managed by founder of Ecogainer, Mr. Chea Ong Seng.

Ecogainer is a company that produces vermicompost and Africa Night Crawl (ANC) worms.

The worms being cultivated belong to the species Africa Night Crawl (ANC). They are afraid of light, so when there is light, they would hide inside the soil compost. The worms can use just 10 days’ time to digest kitchen waste like papaya or vegetable. The soil to breed them is made up of cow dung and mushroom farming waste material. The waste product that the worms produce contains high nutrients and can be used in planting and farming purposes. The worms that reproduce and grow in numbers can be sold at RM300/kg.

There is a green house just nearby, also operated by Ecogainer.

There are a variety of micro-green vegetables in the green house. Chemical fertilizer is not used, instead waste product of worms is used to fertilize the plants. The “Farm to Table” Concept together with the whole system is created by Mr. Chea himself. The micro-green can simply be plucked and eaten, or made into salad.

In long term, Mr. Chea aspires to develop a team of volunteers who can contribute ideas and work hard together to develop the farm. He appreciates young talents who learn new knowledge and technology in agriculture and he hopes they can exchange the technology to make the farm a better place.

For those who are interested to buy the product, discuss business opportunity or just volunteer, kindly contact Mr. Chea at +6018-7800 565 .

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