Most people think that digital marketing is a magic tool that can bring them sales. But is it the truth? Let’s hear from Kenny Lee, Business Development and Partnership Consultant from Digital Marketing Consultancy Sdn Bhd (DMC) about this.

SEO, A Useful Tool to Remain Searchable

During BizStart Johor Bahru 2019, Kenny shared about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which may be neglected most of the time compared to Facebook, Google Ads and other tools. It takes time and effort to do SEO, which emphasizes on content marketing. It is important because right now, all the advertisement reach a certain level and it is hard to still remain in the top search list.


Good Business Model is Important Before Investing in Digital Marketing

Most people think that digital marketing is a magic tool that can bring them sales. However, in Kenny’s opinion, digital marketing has to couple with good business model in order to grow. Before investing in digital marketing, it is important to look at the business model itself, to see whether it is scalable and profitable, and whether it really delivers what the customer needs.

According to Kenny, digital marketing has to go back to the core which is content. Content can be created offline or online. Offline content includes speaking engagement and networking with people. For online content, we can leverage on the tools.


BizStart, A Good Place to Go for Business Owners

Kenny thinks that BizStart is a fantastic event, where business owners and individuals who want to embark on the startup journey and transform digitally should come.


DMC is doing digital marketing training to individuals, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and even corporates. They welcome people who wish to embark on the digital journey, start their online business, go into digital career, or transform their company digitally to approach them.


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