With the evolution of technology, now accounting can become a much easier task, and thus retaining staff from younger generation. Let Edwin Pang, Associate Partner of G&A Group tells you how it happens. 

Tedious Accounting Work To Be Eased By Xero

Some business owners may think that doing accounting is very easy but it is actually very tedious and time-consuming. That is why G&A Group promotes Xero Cloud Accounting Software to solve this problem.

GA Space Nurtures Future Entrepreneurs

The co-working space, GA Space is owned by G&A Group. It is different because it does not occupy big spaces like some other co-working spaces. The main purpose of GA Space is to help startups transform their business. So, they are trying to integrate the space with knowledge, whereby they offer education and training together with partners like E3 Hubs. Their objective is to train future entrepreneurs so that they can sustain with the knowledge obtained from training.

Business Owners, Automate Admin Work If Possible

To the business owners out there, Edwin encourages them to be positive. Create an environment where there is less work and they can enjoy life, rather than staying in office until midnight. Try to make things as simple as possible. Automate the administration work and do not do it manually themselves.

Young People Interested in Accounting, Work Hard

To the individuals who want to step into accounting, Edwin said they have to face the reality that it is not a beautiful world outside. He had to do overtime until 12am the first day he came to work as an accountant. Young people nowadays are not really willing to do so. They have to accept the fact that when they come into this field, they have to work hard and gain as much knowledge as they can in accounting, then only they can upgrade themselves from traditional key in person or bookkeeper to a person that only reviews account. That is why cloud accounting comes in, so that accountants do not need to key in anymore, only review. Less work, enjoy life.


E3 Hubs is proud to have GA Space as a partner for the past one year, and we thank them for their support in the events we organize. E3 Hubs has been conducting events beneficial to aspiring and current entrepreneurs to give them business support, market access and funding access. If you are curious about what we do and want to talk to us, kindly contact us.