Our Program

Entrepreneurship is often referred to as a simple and less challenging job because you are your own boss. With such a mindset, lots of people fall into the trap called debt because they could not support their business, financial status is not stable,less networking with other entrepreneurs and more. With our programs, entrepreneurs get a huge opportunity to develop and expand their businesses with the help of seasoned entrepreneurs being by your side.

What is Bizstart?

We are pleased to announce our inaugural flagship event, which is called “BIZSTART 2019 BY GEA-N“, a Hub-to-Hub Entrepreneurship Roadshow, which covers penang, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. GEA-N is the acronym for entrepreneurs within our E3Hubs ecosystem to network with one another.


Many entrepreneurs enter into entrepreneurship not knowing what they will be expecting from this journey . Statistics have shown that 95% of entrepreneurs fail in the first Year. We believe we are able to reverse that through our program, which was started in 2006 and to date have helped more than 3000 new ventures and achieved a 95% success rate in creating sustainable business.


To further our mission of helping  entrepreneur start and grow with the right business foundations, we are launching the Entrepreneur Kickoff event this year.

This is a 2 days program with an extra  bonus the actual workshop which begins witha full day of corporate visits culminating with an evening networking session, followed by the 2 days intensive workshop where entrepreneurs are put through the running mill of their business and crunching  the numbers to ensure they are well prepared to face the upcoming business challenges.