Andrew Wong

Industry: Entrepreneurship

Expertise: Startup, Growth Strategy, Investing 

Short Bio: 

Andrew Wong is a serial entrepreneur, business innovator and angel investor with 21 years experience in entrepreneurship. He is the Founder and CEO of MAD Incubator, the largest business incubation company in South East Asia and have incubated more than 3000 innovators and entrepreneurs during the last 11 years in this business. Andrew specializes in turning ideas/innovation into business and has mentored more than 5000 entrepreneurs in his entrepreneurship development career. He is a certified World Bank trainer in business incubation and a member of the Pemandu Task Force in Incubator Development. He was also a past evaluation committee member in MDEC’s ICONDap program.  He currently sits as an Evaluation Panelist in MOSTI’s Product Commercialization Panel and MDEC’s Global Technology Fund.

His work brings him to the international stage where he delivered trainings and speeches at International conferences. He has to-date set up 18 incubators/startup hubs in across 5 countries in South East Asia and West Asia. This puts him in good stead to help entrepreneurs establish good partnership and market networks in these regions.

Ever passionate about entrepreneurship, Andrew is always ready to lend an ear to listen to all kinds of ideas and shares his thoughts on what is good for entrepreneurs.  Andrew sees his calling as his mission – to help entrepreneurs succeed in business and assist them in business execution.

His latest project is to establish Entrepreneurs Hubs in public spaces across the region, a one-stop entrepreneurship resource center, focusing on bringing professional entrepreneurship to the mainstream. With the establishment of E3 Entrepreneurs Hub, Andrew has come full circle in his entrepreneurship mission, joining the dots of his past and present; to leapfrog to the future of nurturing a global ecosystem of at least 500,000 new and upcoming entrepreneurs.

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