The real reason why both experienced and new entrepreneurs fail:

They don’t have the right foundations for business success!

Imagine if your home builder only built the four walls of your house with the roof over your head without any solid foundations planted in the ground, what would happen when a strong storm comes around? That’s right, it would COLLAPSE! The sad truth is that most businesses are built on weak and shaky foundations. They don’t have the core pillars of business success to keep their businesses standing through the test of time and shifting environments! If even one of the pillars is weak, it can compromise the entire business. You wouldn’t want to have invested all of that time, money, energy, and resources into your business just to see it collapse right? In-fact you may already be seeing your business shake under the pressure of the current market conditions!

Why does this happen to 95% of entrepreneurs in the first place? The truth is simple, it’s because it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new business idea, or if you’ve been running a business for a number of years, it’s easy to get bored with the everyday routine of running a business, and you start getting distracted by other “opportunities” that makes you forget and neglect your business foundations. We need to constantly focus on building and reinforcing the strong foundations and pillars that drills in deep into the ground to hold up the business we want to build.

So do you have your foundations secured? Do you know the key areas in your business to take care of so that you can succeed?

We believe that entrepreneurs should have their foundations set right, and be able to acquire the skills and knowledge to do so as simple as possible. That is why we created the 2-day Entrepreneur Kickoff event, to empower you with the foundations and pillars of success for your business in a simple and accessible manner. It doesn’t matter if you just have a new business idea, you’re a startup, or you’ve been in business for years. You will definitely benefit from this program because all businesses need to constantly build and reinforce their foundations to stop cracks and leakages now!


In this program, you will learn the 5 pillars of business success:

By the end of the 2 days you will be confident in your own ability as a business owner, where you have all your bases covered to adapt to ever changing market conditions. You will confidently navigate the market, spot endless opportunities, and maximise your profitability.

In order to train you in these foundations, we have brought together a panel of experts who has successfully navigated through the entrepreneurship minefield; they will take you step-by-step and guide you through the program to become a successful entrepreneur.


E3 Hubs


Growth Strategist

Entrepreneur Mentor

Andrew is the Co-Founder and Growth Strategist for E3Hubs. He is an angel investor, entrepreneur and a creative innovator. For over a decade, Andrew has helped entrepreneurs across different industries take their businesses to the next level through his business incubation vehicles MAD, and now E3Hubs. He has grown E3Hubs across multiple cities in Malaysia including Penang, KL, Johor, and KK, where he has also established a presence in the heart of the Philippines.

Today, together with E3Hubs, Andrew helps entrepreneurs establish themselves in the market, raise funds, incubate, and accelerate their business.

Datuk Irwin Cheong

Xcel EG Ventures

Serial Investor & Entrepreneur

Asia Strategist


Datuk Irwin is a self-made serial entrepreneur who started as a techno-preneur 20 years ago. He owns multiple businesses across Asia in various industries, such as property management, information technology, major events management, and business consulting & training. His experience spans across Asia & the United States. Not only has he built multiple businesses, he has also previously served in international conglomerates such as the Jardine Mattheson Group as Regional Business Director, SAP International as Head of Ecosystem – SEA, and  Bluefin Solutions UK, as Regional Director.

Today he helps entrepreneurs take their game to the next level by teaching and mentoring them on real-life tried and tested strategies that he has personally used to build his business empire.


Michael Yeoh

Altitude Intelligence Management Consultancy (AIM Consultancy)

Managing Partner in AIM Consultancy

MBA, ACCA Chartered Accountant

Michael has over 15 years’ experience in Human Resource, Accounting, Taxation, and Auditing. He started his journey with JPMG for 4 years in the audit division before joining Intel. Michael has been in Intel for 9 years in the Finance and Human Resource division. He was also the Group Finance Controller for a local Malaysian Construction Company with 4 subsidiaries before forming his own practice (My Ace Services).

Today Michael with his company helps businesses with convenient and cost effective solutions in the areas of corporate strategy and business advisory; accounting, payroll, and human resource; debt restructuring and financing; customs and other advisory services for the running of a smooth business.


Date: 25th-26th APRIL, 2020

Venue: KL, Malaysia

Investment: RM3,888


Also, one of the most important things in business is establishing a strong network to support and create opportunities with each other.  As the saying goes, your network equals your net-worth. That is why we also have an exclusive networking session on the day before the event (24th APRIL, 2020). This is an invitation-only event, when you sign up now for the Entrepreneur Kickoff event you will get an exclusive invite to this event!


Make 2020 the best year for your business so far! We will be looking forward to having you at our event soon.