The fact that you are reading this now could mean a few things.
Either you are a startup entrepreneur, alone in your journey without access to the critical support you need; or you have a brilliant idea and you’re planning your startup journey. Whatever stage you’re in, all entrepreneurs share the aspiration to grow their business with rocket fuel.
For you as an early-stage entrepreneur, I know too well the challenges you are facing from my 23 years entrepreneurial journey. A journey where I spent 7 years in the Death Valley, survived 3 challenging economic cycles, and I was at the brink of bankruptcy. There were dark days and Good Days. nevertheless, i have been through all and i know just what you need to get past your business challenges.

With More than 5000+ entrepreneurs going through our program over the last 15 years, we have achieved incredible success in helping startup entrepreneurs to start and grow. this is our hallmark!

Now, you have the opportunity to join companies like iPay88, iMoney, tableApp, Quality confinement Homes, Food Paradise, tolong Technologies and many more in building a scalable and sustainable business through A Special Membership called "Effectuator Membership".
For most of you, these are your pain points:

This is why I’ve created the E3Hubs’ Effectuator Membership program. An extremely affordable membership program to empower startups like you with coaching, training, and critical business tools. A helping hand for you to gain clarity in your business strategy with an action plan to get you straight to revenue and cash generation mode in the shortest time.

Why is it called Effectuator? Effectuator comes from the word “Effectuation”. It is in fact the entrepreneurship philosophy of E3Hubs. Effectuation is about how we use elements within our control to effect an outcome. In business, it is all about how we use resources within our control to effect a business outcome or goal or business ideas. We are in fact pilots in our own planes. Therefore, you are hereby called Effectuators

I will talk more about effectuation in a workshop soon. I believe you will benefit a lot from this philosophy in your work, life and business life. 

The most valuable benefit that you will receive is the lifetime access to resources that E3Hubs will constantly be building for you. As effectuators, your role as a business leader is to harness these resources that we have for you and turn them into business opportunities.

For an early startup like yours, you will have access  to advice and guidance from experts and mentors across a huge range of industries in our community. 

This lifetime access to Business Support and Resources is priceless! As you move along your business life cycle from startup to scale-up you will need different mentors and experts to help you along this journey and E3Hubs has got you covered.  

Even if you are not experiencing such challenges in your business, belonging to a thriving and highly engaged community of entrepreneurs globally would be great. Don’t you think so?



When Andrew launched his first virtual leadership program, I straight away signed up without much consideration. I know that I will gain invaluable insights from him that will help my business grow and scale.
Thanks to his personal experience and journey in entrepreneurship, how he fell and rise and finally stood up as a survivor and excel! I know that I can ask him anything! With just two months into the leadership program, it changed the whole landscape of how I see building a scalable business versus just running a business.
I just love his inputs and creative ideas when I seek guidance in various aspects from operation and marketing all the way to managing financial and forecast. If you're reading this, congratulations!
You have come to the right space that has the liked-minded community that Andrew has created that will help your business grow and scale!
Azreen Lee
Food Paradise Services
I’m an Accountant by qualification and have been in the Business Process Outsourcing profession for over 10 years. I was confident that my experience in dealing with multiple industries across the years equipped me well to be successful in my business venture when I started.
Boy was I wrong about that… and I wished I had met Andrew earlier. His genuine passion to help entrepreneurs with his business acumen, networks, and patience in moulding his mentees’ unstructured businesses into self-sustaining businesses are some of the traits I’ll always treasure.
To me, his methods are like a traditional father. He'll be asking you questions about your business that forces you to think critically while guiding you along the way by sharing his wealth of experience, knowledge & network. He is also very generous in sharing away his “wealth”.
If you think you know what is needed to operate your business, think again. Let Andrew help you with your strategic priorities with clarity and focus.
Michael Yeoh
AIM Consultancy
What makes Andrew different is his unwavering passion to genuinely help his community of entrepreneurs. With his wealth of experience, business acumen, and patience, we managed to transform our business from chaos into clarity in just a month.
The invaluable insights we gained geared us for growth, not just to survive. If you want to play to win, Andrew is the perfect coach and mentor.
Nicholas Yoon

This is what you will get for joining E3Hubs’ Effectuator Membership Program:

One (1) complimentary startup workshop and startup materials
Startup Toolkits, Business Templates & Resources
Assigned to a residence coach for business advice and coaching where you can:
  • AMAAT – Ask Me Anything Any Time
  • Schedule Live Q&A Calls
  • Join Feedback & Critique Session
Access to Experts & Mentors
Access to E3Hubs’ Short Webinar sessions like Expert Talk Series to accelerate your learning process and to flatten the learning curve.
Enjoy free or best-negotiated pricings via E3Hubs for tools and services for small businesses such as:

-Payment Gateways -Point of Sale Systems (POS) -Accounting/Taxation/Auditing Services -Company Secretary -Copywriting -Website Builders and lots more…

Get priority access to industry information when E3Hubs receive them
Be part of E3Hubs’ thriving global community of entrepreneurs and experts





  1. Startup Workshop                                                              – RM 500
  2. Startup Toolkits, Business Templates & Resources      – RM 1,000
  3.  Assigned Residence Coach                                             – RM 5,000 to priceless
  4. Access to Experts & Mentors                                          – RM 5,000 to priceless
  5. Access to Exclusive Webinar Sessions and Talks          – RM 1,000
  6. Business Partners Tools                                                    – RM 10,000
  7. Priority Access to Industry Information                         – RM 1,000
  8. E3Hubs Global Community                                             – RM 5,000 to priceless




This is an offer too good to be true. But it is real! We want to empower as many entrepreneurs as we can. That’s the E3 Mantra – Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs!


Andrew Wong – Residence Coach & Co-Founder of E3 Hubs

“My mission is to empower entrepreneurs so that none of you would have to go through what I’ve been through.”

Andrew Wong is known as “The MAD Entrepreneur” in the Malaysian startup ecosystem. He is the Founder and CEO of MAD Incubator and Co-Founder of E3Hubs, the largest business incubation company in Southeast Asia and has incubated and mentored over 5000 innovators and entrepreneurs with incredible success! Andrew specializes in turning ideas/innovation into businesses and helps companies to scale up to the international level.

Pitted as one of the Top Entrepreneur Turnaround Specialist and Business Incubation Manager in Asia, Andrew had skillfully helped countless businesses by turning their businesses around, saving them from the brink of a business meltdown.

On the international stage, he is currently a council member of the Asia Association of Business Incubators (AABI) and Co-Founder of ScaleUp Valley in Europe. His 15 years experience in working with entrepreneurs from startup to scale-up puts him in the best position to help you in your entrepreneurial journey.