The Psychpreneurship Book


How I Survived Bankruptcy & Beyond 

2015, the beginning of a challenging journey. Probably, my worst nightmare. I could feel my white hair starting to grow more overnight. All seems to be going downhill. On the business and financial side, nothing seems to work. But I managed to hustle throughout the year. Still surviving. And finally, my worst fears arrived. The big whammy came – a bankruptcy proceeding notice. 


Entrepreneurs go through challenging and difficult times when starting up and even more when scaling up. I have seen myself surviving three challenging economic cycles – Asian Financial Crisis (1998), burst (2003) and Subprime crisis (2008), all happening through my startup stage. I thought I have seen it all. And then, the challenges of a scale-up phase as well as the bankruptcy was too new and too much for me to handle – both emotionally and mentally. I have to keep my sanity. These are business and financial challenges, which I have never gone through before, let alone, the possibility of bankruptcy. 


I SURVIVED! I survived the startup phase as well as the scale-up phase as well as surviving almost bankruptcy. And here I am, writing this book on the background of an equally challenging economic cycle, which is about to happen due to the impact of the US-China trade war and Covid-19 epidemic that is now rearing its ugly head around the world. Trillions of dollars were wiped out from the global economy especially the tourism and manufacturing sectors, over the span of two months. We have not fully calculated the total loss of the global economy yet but all points to the possibility of a global economic meltdown. Malaysia and our South East Asian neighbours will not be spared but I am sure we will get through the challenges of the new decade of 2020. If a startup is to ask me about how fast should we scale, my immediate response will be, if you can scale as fast Covid-19 (200,000 in 2.5 months!), you can be a trillion-dollar company. J

My intention for this book is to share the learning that I have received at every stage of my entrepreneurial journey. I want this book to give everyone, especially entrepreneurs, hope and inspiration in overcoming the challenges of their entrepreneurial journey. After going through so many economic cycles, business and personal challenges, I have basically decoded the startup challenges and overcame them. I have also decoded how an entrepreneur can overcome financial difficulties during challenging times. I would say overcoming adversities involves 60% mental, 35% hard work and 5% luck. That is why this book is called “Psychpreneurship” – The Psychology of Entrepreneurship.

It is important that we have hope and perseverance. I will advise entrepreneurs to look forward, charge to the future and focus on the most important priorities at hand. If you need to take a step back, do it. What you have lost, you can always build it back again. Prioritize the most important things to focus on. Keep moving and don’t look back.

This book is written with the following themes in mind – hope and inspiration. I will take you through the four phases of my entrepreneurial journey and what I have learned throughout each phase. I hope this book will inspire you. I wish you happy reading.


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