How can videos be a solution for businesses to capture more audience and convert them into sales? Let’s hear from Ken Neoh, Managing Director of Infinite Loop Media based on his experience working with a variety of clientele.

Strong Background, Award Winning Team

Backed by strong foundation working in corporate for many years, Ken Neoh jumped into entrepreneurship after being inspired by E3 Hubs business mentor Andrew Wong 5 years ago. Working on his passion and strength, today he runs a successful company that just won Malaysia 2018 Outstanding SME Golden Bull Award. His extensive travel experience adds in depth to his career and the way he treats people. Being broad-minded yet humble, his expertise is to help his clients showcase the unique values of their business, and in doing so attract the like-minded customers, through the impactful videos they co-produce.

Serving Different Categories, Catering to Different Needs

Being a video solution provider for startups, small and medium enterprise (SME), as well as multinational companies, Ken explained that each of them has different needs.

For startups, they are actually short of resources which can help them disseminate or share their business messages out. To help them, Ken and his team provide the resources to devise the right video marketing message to reach the right target audience.

For the SME, they have the resources. However, they do not have the know-how to work it out effectively. So the team helps them to study and understand their market and what the market truly needs from them. From there, they compile it into video format and then deliver to the target audience again.

For the multinational companies which include listed companies, it is the trust and confidence from public that they need. Most of the time, they require more funding through Initial Public Offering (IPO) and shares distribution, and this is the time when trust and confidence matter the most. To help them, the video must be able to deliver trust and confidence on behalf of them to the clients.

Be Interesting VS Be Interested

As one of the speakers for BizStart Johor Bahru 2019, Ken delivered the strategies to utilize video in capturing the right audience, converting them into potential clients and eventually generating sales to the business.

There is difference in “Be Interesting” versus “Be Interested”. You can be as interesting as possible to showcase your fancy product, but what matters more is to let your potential customers feel that you are genuinely interested in them and their needs.

E3 Hubs, The Right Community to Help Entrepreneurs Go Further

Ken expressed that E3 Hubs is definitely a great community platform. No matter it is startups or up and running businesses, the community matters a lot. When we are in the right community with the people who have the right mindset, we can go further. However, if we are on a lonely journey, we will face a lot of challenges. As business owners, we need a lot of support. That is why E3 Hubs is the right thing to have, for the entrepreneurs to run and grow together.

Entrepreneurs, Speak with Congruency and Honesty

To advise entrepreneurs in deploying video solutions, Ken encouraged that we can be daring to communicate our message across effectively. We do not have to bother so much about whether we are good at using videos or portray ourselves well in the video, because it does not matter.

It is about how congruent we are, how much we understand our targeted clients in terms of the solutions we provide to them.

Speak with honesty from the bottom of our heart and we can deliver our message across very well to them.

Media Practitioners, Keep On Evolving, Keep Exploring

As a leading media practitioner, Ken shared that it is all about being creative and daring enough.

Media is very exciting, however to remain relevant in the current generation, we need to keep on evolving.

Having said that, Ken mentioned that they have a Research and Development department in his very own studio.

Ken advised the practitioners to try and explore all kind of medium in trend, like Douyin which is also known as Tik Tok. They should not ignore those things that the young kids or teenagers are very accustomed to. Go to their level to understand them, as that is where the next media is going to be.

Every now and then, Ken is hosting video marketing workshop for E3 Hubs members as part of his initiative to contribute back to the ecosystem. Do enquire here if you would like to join.

If you want to understand how E3 Hubs can help you as an entrepreneur, kindly enquire here or sign up to be a member. E3 Hubs is working hard to create an ecosystem where the entrepreneurs can support each other with the right business support, market access and funding access. We look forward to run with you in the entrepreneurship journey ahead, with the support from our community.