Having been talking about financial topics for more than 12 years, Mr. Teh Kee Sin, the Founding President of SME Association of Johor Selatan gives great insights about Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), the challenges they face and the solutions to them. Let’s hear from him.

Helping SME, As A SME

As a businessman who runs a manufacturing plant for more than 25 years, Mr. Teh Kee Sin understands the struggles faced by SME himself. He joins many trade associations and always contributes his experience with the community, especially in SME Association of Johor Selatan where he was the founding President. He was also the Past National President of SME Association of Malaysia.

Funding, The Biggest Challenge for SMEs

SME face many challenges, from marketing, human resource to business planning. However, Mr. Teh points out that the biggest challenge is funding. It is quite difficult for SMEs to get the fund from financial institutions or commercial banks, due to reasons like not having good track record, being too new and being known as the risk group from financial institution perspective.

Proper Documentation Aids The Loan Application Process

Every problem comes with a solution. Mr. Teh’s advice for SME is they have to get themselves ready when applying for loans or funding. Make sure the documents are complete, do a proper financial report. What financial institutions want to see is a profit kind of financial report which can qualify them to get the loan. SMEs are advised to do the financial report in a correct way and the supporting document in a proper manner, so that their applications will not be rejected.

Moving forward, Mr. Teh will continue to talk about financial topics like what he has always been doing since 2007. He wants knowledge on government funding, government facilitation and loans to be heard and known by the SME community. He hopes to contribute his expertise and experience to the wider audience.

BizStart, A Good Platform for SMEs

Being a speaker at BizStart Johor Bahru in July 2019, Mr. Teh was glad to see many people came for the financial talk. They were very much eager to know the preparation they need to do to get the loan approved. He thanks E3 Hubs for organizing this event as it has benefited many SMEs in Johor Bahru. According to him, BizStart is a very good platform for SME to gather to share their experience, and pick up some of the latest technology and information from the speakers. It is free admission and yet the attendees gain a lot of knowledge and know-how, besides getting to network with other like-minded business owners.

Grab The Opportunity to Join E3 Hubs

Last but not least, Mr. Teh urged that:

“Whenever you have this opportunity to join E3 Entrepreneurs Hub, by all means please come and attend. Please come, please join. “


If you would like to hear from Mr. Teh personally in E3 Hubs events, or understand more about how E3 Hubs can help you as an entrepreneur, kindly sign up to be a member and enquire HERE. We wish you sustainable success in the journey ahead, with the support from our community.