Are you tired of spamming the wrong customers? Let Joe Tan, founder of tell you the solution he can offer.

Better Than Facebook Marketing

It is very common for Asians to use Facebook marketing. A lot of money has been spent and yet result is not guaranteed. HeyTool, which uses AI and blockchain to help Asian business owners do marketing, is able to identify who keep and see the post and who see the product in Facebook and Instagram. It helps to analyse the consumer behavior, identify the potential customer and show how many percent is the deal rate of all those customers. After that, business owner can contact them to give them some promotion and continue communicating with them. It is not just letting them seek, view and leave.

Understanding Customer Behavior is The Key

Joe thinks there is a better way to do advertisement other than just throwing money into Facebook and Instagram. Companies in China and USA think how to get all the traffic in their hand, not just letting the prospects leave Facebook and social media. The strategy is to get the real customers, which are like all the fish in your pond. HeyTool knows who to target, what they need, what they like and then do the retargeting. It is not like the traditional digital marketing – getting the customers’ handphone number and email is useless because only spamming can be done. What is really important is the customer behavior – what they like, who like, where they are from, from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google or even WeChat. Knowing what they need and like is more valuable than getting their phone number.

BizStart Gives Exposure to New Technology

In Joe’s opinion, BizStart is a very good event as it helps startups to know the market, assistance available in terms of funding, actions they can explore and do, and the new technology outside. He hopes that there will be more events like this in Malaysia.

Learn From East and West

When Joe was back to Malaysia, he saw many entrepreneurs and startups here not knowing enough, and it is good if they go and learn more from the entrepreneurs outside, like those in China or USA. Getting to know more new technology, market and ways will certainly give them an additional advantage.

BizStart is a mini business conference organized by E3 Hubs at different hubs in Malaysia including Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the many events E3 Hubs conducts to benefit the entrepreneurs community, with the objective to provide business support, market access and funding access to them. If you are an aspiring or current entrepreneur looking for support, welcome to contact us.