E3Hubs is the Association Member of the Asia Association of Business Incubators (AABI) representing Malaysia.

Malaysia is a founding member of AABI in 2002 together with China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong. We call ourselves the Group of 8. 

AABI now develops into a large community which includes 23 Association Members and 37 Incubator Members from 19 countries and regions.

What Do We Do?

1. AABI Members meet once a year in the AABI General Assembly to discuss matters relating to Asia’s incubators movement and future activities within AABI.

2. AABI member countries cooperate and connects entrepreneurs to markets within the AABI Community and importantly connects and initiate collaboration among AABI members.

3. AABI facilitates soft landing zones among incubator members that allow entrepreneurs in our incubator members explore foreign markets where our incubator members can host them in their incubators. 

4. AABI initiates business matching sessions among entrepreneurs of their incubator members.

5. AABI hosts the annual AABI Torch and Incubator Awards to honor entrepreneurs and incubators among its member countries.

For more information on AABI, please go to: www.aabi.info