Are you looking for financing options other than banks? Let’s hear from Angelld Quah, co-founder and COO of FundedByMe and Alixco about the solutions provided by them.

Peer-to-Peer Lending, The Unconventional Funding Solutions

Realizing Malaysia businesses have a big gap in business financing, Angelld Quah, co-founder and COO of FundedByMe and Alixco explained that they come out with solutions to help those who are not served by conventional financial institutions. FundedByMe is an equity crowdfunding platform while Alixco is a peer-to-peer financing operator.  What they do is they empower Malaysian high growth companies and match them with global investors.


Alternative Financing and Ways to Diversify Capital

At E3 Hubs’ BizStart Johor event in July 2019, Angelld was invited to share about what P2P financing is defined and how it can help the entrepreneurs. Besides that, the ways investors in Malaysia can diversify their capital and funds through P2P financing are being explained. In the short future, she is very much looking forward to share more informative details in how they can help empowering entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

E3 Hubs As A Dynamic Community

Angelld expressed that E3 Hubs builds a very dynamic and informative community, vibrant with positive energy with a lot of events going on in the hubs. She personally likes it and feels very proud and honoured to be a part of it. She is excited to bring more values to the ecosystem in the short future.

Never Give Up, Dear Entrepreneurs

Lastly, here are the words of encouragement from Angelld:

“To all the entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-wannabes, I wish you finding your life purpose, follow your heart, follow your passion, work harder, fail more, and be brave in pursuing your dream. Never give up and all the best!”



If you would like to hear from Angelld personally in E3 Hubs events, or understand more about how E3 Hubs can help you as an entrepreneur, kindly sign up to be a member or enquire HERE. We wish you long-lasting success in the journey ahead, with the support from our community.