About E3Hubs: The Hub for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

E3 is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs. Started and supported by seasoned entrepreneurs, our goal is to empower new entrepreneurs by creating a dynamic closed-loop business ecosystem in which entrepreneurs are able to support, cooperate and create opportunities together.

We achieve this through the creation of physical Entrepreneurs’ Hubs across Malaysia and Asia.

Our Mission is to open 1,000 E3 Entrepreneurs Hubs by the year 2030; and achieve a membership size of at least 500,000 entrepreneur members globally.

Our goal is to bring entrepreneurship to the mainstream. Now, everyone can be an entrepreneur.

The Team

The E3Hubs Team consists of dynamic individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Spearheaded by the co-founders, Andrew and Calvin, the E3Hubs Team are motivated to help and assist any entrepreneurs that seek assistance and resources from E3Hubs.


Andrew Wong

Co-Founder, Growth Strategist and Entrepreneur Mentor

Andrew is the Co-Founder and Growth Strategist for E3Hubs. He is an angel investor, entrepreneur and a creative innovator. At E3Hubs, Andrew works with entrepreneurs who are with E3Hubs’ Incubation Program. 

Calvin Quah

Co-Founder / CEO

Calvin is the Co-Founder of E3Hubs. He is an entrepreneur and brings years of experience in marketing and operations management. Calvin runs the day-to-day operations of E3Hubs and represents the company as its corporate representative.

Andy Poh

Business Development Director

Andy Poh spent his best years in business development; having honed his skills in the banking industry. At E3Hubs, he takes charge of business relations and corporate partnerships

David Chan

Chief Technology Officer

David spent his years in multinational companies in honing his skills in IT and Project Management. At E3Hubs, David takes charge of E3Hubs’ digital strategy, especially its digital vision in creating a powerful online entrepreneurs’ ecosystem platform for E3Hubs. 

Alexus Wong

Sales Director

Alexus Wong brings years of experience in Sales and Marketing. His experience includes handling key accounts and customer acquisition. Alexus’ role in E3Hubs includes membership recruitment, sponsorship acquisition and sales. 

E3Hubs Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors are carefully appointed and consists of prominent leaders in the entrepreneurship space. Their role is to provide insights and suggestions for improvements to the E3Hubs Leadership team. Some of our advisors also lend their time to mentor and help entrepreneurs overcome their challenges. With their influence in the industry, the Board of Advisors helps in paving the way and facilitate engagements with other industry stakeholders.

Dato Lawrence Low

Chairman Advisor

Dato Lawrence Low is the Chairman of MyPerintis, an NGO involved in youth empowerment. He is an avid entrepreneur in the education sector, Dato Lawrence is very passionate about entrepreneurship and stands ready to help any entrepreneurs who need his assistance.

Dato George Lim


Dato George Lim is the Managing Partner of G&A, a corporate advisory and accounting firm based in Kota Kinabalu. He is also the State Chairman for Sabah PUMM and National Vice Chairman for National-level PUMM. Dato George is very passionate about entrepreneurship and has established co-working spaces in 4 cities across Malaysia, to support entrepreneurs. 

Ashran Dato Ghazi


Ashran Dato Ghazi is currently the CEO of Dattel. He was the former CEO of MaGIC. A serial entrepreneur himself, he has started several startups and had wide experience in entrepreneurship development having been involved in NEF, MYNEF and then MaGIC.